In the past 20 years, I witnessed the fast growth of China, thanks to the infrastructure construction, China became the largest market for heavy equipment and building materials, great enterprises like XCMG, SINOTRUK and SHANTUI were created at the same time. During this period, China’s technology was greatly improved, China’s products became more popular and recognized in the global market, Chinese companies even acquired world-famous companies.

JINYI started as a trading company in the Philippines, in five-years time, it grew to be one of the largest heavy equipment and building material distributors in the Philippines. With more than one thousand units of equipment sold, and more than one hundred employees, JINYI services the whole Philippines, and gains more trust due to its sincere attitude and committed services, it is highly recognized both in private and government sectors.

Currently, the bilateral relationships between Philippine and China is improving, investments from China increase greatly, the requirements for infrastructure improvement are strong and urgent, the next five years would be a golden period for the Philippines. JINYI is dedicated to build the window for China heavy equipment and building materials, sincerely serve every client in the Philippines. sectors.

The best is yet to come, let’s grow together!