"To build the window to China's heavy equipment and building materials."


To become a corporation that aspires to create value to the customers, provides dignified life to the employees, brings positive contribution to the communities, and makes sound profit to the shareholders.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

We embrace responsibilities for JINYI's actions and encourage a positive impact through our activities on the customers, employees, communities, shareholders and all stakeholders of the public sphere.

Our first responsibility is to the customers.

Our marketing practices must be ethical. Our products must be high-quality and cost-effective. Our costs must be reduced constantly in order to maintain reasonable prices. Our service must be proactive, responsible and sustainable. By doing so, our customers shall receive whole-hearted attention, incomparable caring and the highest courtesy.

Our second responsibility is to the employees who work with us.

Our opportunities for employment, development and advancement must be equal. Our welfare for heath, education and retirement must be ensured. Our access for suggestions and complains must be open. Our working condition must be clean, orderly and safe. By doing so, our employees shall have dignified life both at work and home.

Our third responsibility is to the communities in which we live and work.

We must bear in mind community involvement and engagement. We must be good citizens, who support good works and charities and bear our fair share of taxes. We must have a sense of protecting the environment and natural resources. By doing so, our communities shall become a better world for living and working.

Our final responsibility is to the shareholders.

Business must make a sound profit. We must explore new business opportunities. New products must be launched, new branches opened, new facilities provided. By doing so, our shareholders shall realize a fair return.

Core Values

Sincerity First

Sincerity is the fundamental virtue of business.

Commitment Foremost

Adhere to commitments, maintain consistent between words and deeds.

Customer Oriented

Customer is always right, strive to meet customer needs no matter what and how.

Passion for Excellence

Passionate to work beyond what is expected and to achieve the best results.


Passionate to work beyond what is expected and to achieve the best results.