Telescopic Crawler Crane

As a leader in crane industry, XCMG aggressively enters into the field of telescopic boom crawler cranes. XCMG has produced the XGC 25T-220T telescopic boom crawler cranes and is the brand covering most comprehensive tonnage levels within China’s market. It can not only lift heavy loads and move, but also change telescopic boom; it can travel like “on flat ground” in muddy construction site, flexibly go through narrow terrain, and show its “stunning hoisting skills” in the height-restricted plant. From the appearance, it boasts the characteristics of flexible change of wheeled crane boom as well as loaded traveling of crawler crane. It can be applied in various occasions such as mountain, wetland, marsh, desert, forest, oil field, construction site, bridge site, highway and railway construction site, and other soft operation site, uneven and narrow sites. It can also be used for routine lifting, which is a highly applicable product.

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